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As a consistent high achiever for over 20 years, world record breaker and a pioneering first, Tammy van Wisse has been there, swum that!

She has conquered some of the coldest, deepest, and longest waterways on the planet including Loch Ness, Bass Strait, English Channel and the Murray River, amassing an astonishing 65,000kms, which is equivalent to one and half times around the globe!

Tammy’s true “triumph over adversity” tales will captivate, engage and re-energize your audience to become more productive and reach their own challenging finish lines.

Her story of inner strength, persistence, and learning to overcome insurmountable obstacles shows audiences that with a commitment to a goal, and belief in oneself, anything is possible.

  • Messages for Sales Teams
  • Motivation for Corporate Team Building
  • Keynote presentations filled with passion and success

Armed with the same energy and dedication as she put into her incredible swimming career, Tammy brings a truly unique and inspiring presentation that entertains as it informs and inspires as it motivates.




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